A college degree has historically been the way to get a good job with middle-class wages. Unfortunately, too many college graduates today cannot find college level jobs with commensurate pay. And the impact is different for men and women.

Women now comprise nearly 60% of enrollment in universities and colleges. The disparity is even more pronounced in the Coachella Valley. At California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) in Palm Desert, 66% of students are women. At College of the Desert (COD), 62% of students who graduate are women.

There are multiple reasons why men are not as likely to attend college, both cultural and economic, but one important reason is concerning: The return on investment for receiving a college degree has declined or turned negative, especially for men. Since 1980, college tuition and fees have risen five times faster than the Consumer Price Index. Although many students receive scholarships, 43.2 million student borrowers are in debt by an average of $39,351.

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