PALM SPRINGS – Sunlight beat down on workers one morning as they attached solar collectors to a metal rack on the roof of a carport. The heat may be harsh on their backs, but it’s ideal for warming up large pools.

When they’re done installing the solar water heating system in the next week, the pool at the Coco Cabana community will be heated almost entirely by the sun during the blazing summers. In the cooler winters, the pool will be heated roughly half by natural gas, half by the sun.

The Coco Cabana project is the latest by SunUp Solar Systems, a Palm Springs company that manufactures, distributes and installs solar water heating systems at hotels, industrial buildings and apartments. Instead of generating electricity to power lights or the air conditioning in a home, solar collectors directly warm water running through pipes. At night during the summers, the collectors can also cool the water temperature to the low 80s.

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