Moving isn’t cheap, and that holds true when it comes to the cost to move a shipping container. According to Angi, the average cost in the U.S. is $3,000, but this can vary by many thousands of dollars based on factors like:

  • How much stuff you’re moving
  • How far you’re moving
  • Whether you’re moving domestically or internationally
  • The weight of your items

Cost to Move a Shipping Container Across Your Property

It may sound like a small feat to move a shipping container from one place to another on your property. But given how heavy they are, this is a job you’ll pay for just like you would if you were having the container moved somewhere else entirely. Even for the shortest move, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 to move a large (20-foot or larger) shipping container. If your shipping container is located in an inconvenient spot on your property, you may be able to avoid paying a high price to move it by instead using a small car or ATV to move items from your home to the shipping container. Or, you could even rent a small UHaul van or truck for the day to transport items to your container.

Smaller shipping containers, like the ones provided by PODS or other moving container companies, may be considerably cheaper to move.

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Cost to Move It Across the City

It’s estimated that the shipping container moving cost for a short-distance move (such as a move within the same city) will cost about $5 per mile, according to an average of figures from several shipping container websites. While you should check with your moving company to find out exactly what this price includes, it often covers things like labor and gas. If you’ve rented a shipping container from a company like PODS, you’ll schedule the date you’d like them to come pick it up, and they’ll take care of the entire process.

Cost to Move a Shipping Container Across the Country (Or From State to State)

For moves with higher mileage, the per-mile rate actually drops. But you’ll have to consider that your move may take more than one day to complete, which can drive up the price. A move of just over 2,000 miles using a 16-foot POD container that included one month’s rent on the container cost roughly $3,239, according to

Cost to Move a Shipping Container Internationally

One of the most expensive endeavors when it comes to moving is to ship a container overseas, since doing so can get quite complicated. Often, it’ll take more than one type of transportation to get your belongings from one country to another, and it’ll have to join many other shipping containers on a container ship.

While it’s impossible to estimate how much to move a shipping container from one country to another, certain factors play a role in the expense:

  • How the container gets to the shipping port (truck or train)
  • How far the shipping port is from your location
  • The cost for transport
  • The cost to unload your shipping container
  • The cost to get from the shipping port to your new location
  • Customs duties and fees
  • Inspection costs, if applicable

If you’re planning an overseas move, it’s always wise to shop around first and get a few price quotes; once you’ve found an international moving company that you like, discuss exact pricing with them so you know what you’ll be faced with when it comes time to move your belongings.

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