From left to right, Xitlali Casarrubias, Raymond Sarmiento, Eva Murillo and Jennifer Rocha are photographed at Indio High School in January 2017.

The four teens sitting on the concrete benches of the new Indio High School courtyard on a warm January afternoon don’t have much in common. Sure, they’re all in their late teens, live in the east valley and sport red school lanyards around their necks, but their futures will diverge as soon as they move the tassel on their graduation cap from left to right in just five months.

One plans to work as an FBI agent, another as an architect, another a computer engineer, and the fourth as a businesswoman. They’ll make different selection choices in colleges, majors and extracurricular activities come September, but before that, they’ll have to make one common decision – whether to leave the place they call home in pursuit of their goals.

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