A Senior Center in Palm Springs was among food establishments that were closed temporarily

A high-end resort in Indian Wells was among food establishments closed in the Coachella Valley due to violations that occurred since April 23, according to the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health.

Some violations were minor; others were major.  The following information is from the most recent ‘Food Facility Closures’ report issued on Tuesday, May 9:

  •  In Cathedral City, T’s on the Green, LLC, located at 36200 Date Palm Drive, was shut down on April 26 due to a “cockroach infestation. “This closure followed repeated failed inspections within a two-year period. An administrative hearing was held on Wednesday, indicating the severity of the situation. However, as of May 4, there was no information available regarding a rescheduled inspection, Uken Report’s efforts to contact the restaurant went unanswered.  However, a note on its website on Friday, May 12 stated, “Update May 11:  The Restaurant is Closed & for Sale. Thanks for understanding and support. Thanks for the Memories.”
  • The Renaissance Indian Wells Resort in Indian Wells experienced a closure on April 26 due to “insufficient hot or cold running water.” However, the problem was rectified, and the resort reopened the following day, on April 27.
  • The Mitzell Senior Center in Palm Springs faced closure on March 14 due to a “cockroach, rodent, or fly infestation.” This closure was a result of rodent activity in the kitchen and food storage areas, although the facility was not in use at the time due to a planned kitchen renovation. Measures were taken to receive premade meals from an off-site approved location during the construction period. The closure was initiated following three public complaints.

A permanent food establishment that handles open foods receive a grade at the end of an inspection.  The score of the inspection represents the grade.  There are only three possible grades that a facility can receive during an inspection.  Unlike the grades you received in school, an “A” grade is the only passing grade that a facility can get.   Grades of “B” and “C”, also known as “Downgrades”, means the facility did not meet minimum health standards and is required to correct the violations and be re-inspected to an “A” grade.

To notify the Department of an issue that potentially needs investigation, complete the below information found in this link. All personal contact information provided will be kept confidential.

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