Over the weekend, we experienced one of the most exciting musical events of the year: The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. One of the main features of the festival is the reunion aspect. For most of Coachella’s lifespan, it has featured at least one classic band back together for the first time in many years. If not the first time, then they at least usually catch the band on one of their first dates back.

This year, we got spectacular performances from the recently reunited post-punk legends Pulp and fIREHOSE, as well as post-hardcore maestros At the Drive-In and Refused.

We even got that disturbing hologram of Tupac Shakur. For the sake of argument, we’ll leave them out of this, though, and reflect back on some of the best bands to make their comeback at Coachella in years past.

6. Pavement: In 2010, Pavement reunited for a short time and played a show for the Coachella audience. For once. a band “stuck to their guns,” in the words of front man Stephen Malkmus, and refused to continue their reunion beyond a short jaunt, but for anyone that was there, it was a magical moment in music history.

5. Jane’s Addiction: Jane’s Addiction had been toying around with a reunion for several years before Coachella, but one of the biggest events in Coachella history and one of the reasons the festival still exists to this day is that the band came together once more to help Coachella get back on its feet in 2001, after a year’s hiatus in 2000 and a huge money loss from the inaugural 1999 festival.

Were it not for Jane’s Addiction reuniting for the cause then, we probably wouldn’t have the tradition of reunited bands playing at Coachella, nor even a Coachella Festival to host them in the first place. These guys never stopped along the reunion path and made a new album last year.


4. Pixies: 11 years had passed since the Pixies had been onstage together and in the meantime they had influenced and spawned countless bands in the indie-rock world. Finally reclaiming their title as the kings and queen of indie, they came together in 2004 for a brief tour before taking the stage at Coachella for their first major show of their reunion. As of 2012, they’re still together and the music world loves them for it.

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