While healthy trees elevate your home’s curb appeal and give your yard refreshing shade, unhealthy trees present potential hazards to your property. If a tree is diseased, decaying or threatening your home’s architecture, you may need to remove it. Tree removal also helps mitigate the risk of wildfires in Coachella. To ensure your hazardous tree gets removed safely, call on licensed professionals with the right equipment and experience.

Removing diseased trees and other trees with high fall risk is critical for your property’s safety. However, trying to tackle the project yourself could lead to serious injury and costly property damage.

Tree removal contractors know the proper cutting techniques and use specialized tools to remove trees according to local ordinances and permit requirements. By working with a reputable tree removal company in Coachella, you can be more confident that the job will get done safely and correctly.

Find the best local tree removal companies for you in Coachella

Look for tree removal companies in Coachella with at least 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews and a good rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). Use the filters below to help you find the right company for your needs.

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Economy Tree & Crane Inc.

Provider’s rating is less than 3.0/5

Low Rating

Stump Grinding and RemovalTrimming and PruningCrane Tree RemovalTree Removal

75651 Chuckawalla Rd, Thousand Palms, CA 92276

(760) 343-2425

USA Today

Palm Spring Tree Services

Provider’s rating is less than 3.0/5

Low Rating

Disease CareStump Grinding and RemovalTree RemovalTrimming and PruningEmergency Services

31485 Avenida Juarez, Cathedral City, CA 92234

(760) 321-2544

Pacific Slope Tree Company Logo

Pacific Slope Tree Company

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


Tree RemovalTrimming and PruningLot ClearingEmergency ServicesStump Grinding and Removal

28200 McCall Park Rd, Mountain Center, CA 92561

(951) 537-4705

Hart's Tree Service Logo

Hart’s Tree Service

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


PlantingTree RemovalTrimming and PruningEmergency Services

325 Elmwood Ave, Hemet, CA 92543

(951) 561-7960

USA Today

D.M.C. Tree Care, Inc.

260 S Camino los Banos, San Jacinto, CA 92583

(951) 654-6866

ELM Tree Care Logo

ELM Tree Care

This provider has a better score than at least 90% of companies in the area.

Top Rated

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


Provider is more than 50 miles from your city

Not Nearby

Emergency ServicesPlantingStump Grinding and RemovalTrimming and PruningTree Removal

28465 Old Town Front St STE 315, Temecula, CA 92590

(951) 216-3650

Estates Tree Service Logo

Estates Tree Service

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


Provider is more than 50 miles from your city

Not Nearby

PlantingStump Grinding and RemovalTree RemovalTrimming and PruningLot Clearing

23467 Glenn Ellen Way, San Diego Country Estates, CA 92065

(760) 440-9138

Reveriano and Daniel’s Tree and Landscaping Service Logo

Reveriano and Daniel’s Tree and Landscaping Service

This provider has more reviews than at least 80% of companies in the area.


Provider is more than 50 miles from your city

Not Nearby

Tree RemovalTrimming and PruningPlanting

31405 Allen Ave, Homeland, CA 92596

(909) 485-2095

How do you know a tree needs to be removed?

If a tree on your property shows indications of severe damage or decay, or if it’s growing too close to your house, you may need to have it removed. The number of decayed trees in Coachella is low compared to other American cities. If you observe any of the following warning signs, consider hiring a tree removal professional.

The tree’s branches or trunk are cracked and won’t heal. The tree is dropping an unusual amount of leaves, sap, branches, needles or seeds. The tree has mold, pests or diseases weakening its structure. The tree’s roots are causing your home’s foundation to lift or crack. The tree or its branches are dangerously close to your home or another structure on your property. The tree has damage from heavy rain or thunderstorms. The tree is severely burned or visibly dead.

If you see raised dirt around the base of the tree trunk, or if the tree is visibly starting to lean, it’s at a high risk of falling. Contact a trusted tree removal provider as soon as you can if you observe either of these signs, and have the tree professionally evaluated.

What is a hazard tree?

When a tree has irreparable structural defects that put it at significant risk of falling, it becomes a hazard tree, sometimes called a danger tree. Falling trees can cause extensive property damage and gravely hurt people and pets. Rotten wood, loose bark, dead branches, large cracks and hollow cavities near the tree base are all indicators of structural defects. If you have a hazard tree on your property, have it removed as soon as possible.

Facts about Coachella

Common Trees
  1. Canyon Live Oak
  2. Interior Live Oak
  3. California Juniper


What other tree services might you need?

Apart from cutting down trees, some tree removal companies offer a variety of extra services, including the following:

  • Wood chipping: As the team removes your tree branch by branch, they might use a wood chipper to shred the tree parts. Consider giving the tree a second life by using the chips as mulch for your garden.
  • Debris removal: Debris like leaves, logs and branches is often left behind after tree removal. Some companies can use dump trucks or flatbeds to haul debris away.
  • Stump removal: Only the stump will remain once a tree removal job is complete. A professional might recommend removing the stump altogether based on the circumstances. They may also grind the stump so the tree’s remnants decompose more quickly. Stump removal is more expensive than grinding, but it guarantees that the tree won’t regrow.
  • Landscaping services: Some tree removal companies also offer landscaping services. These services might include filling the hole where the tree stump was or planting a new tree.
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Best tree removal for you

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How to choose the best tree removal service in Coachella

To select the best tree removal company for your needs, consider these factors.

Ask whether the company has a licensed arborist on staff

Arborists are expert consultants that help you care for your trees. They may recommend restoring the tree’s health or removal if a tree has a high fall risk. Arborists can also offer valuable insights on planting, moving and pruning trees to help them grow properly and last for years. California does not require arborists to hold a license, so we recommend looking for an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Arborists must have at least three years of experience and pass an exam to earn certification. ISA-certified arborists have the experience, knowledge and skills to remove your tree.

Make sure the company is licensed and insured

When hiring a tree removal company, make sure it carries comprehensive insurance coverage, including general liability, workers compensation and business liability. This coverage can financially protect you if an accident happens. In California, a tree removal professional must have a Tree Removal Contractor license through the Contractors State License Board. Ask potential tree removal service providers about their licensing before hiring them.

Request a tree risk assessment

By getting a tree risk assessment (TRA), you’ll receive expert recommendations on whether removing a tree is required. The assessment also details the risks of keeping a potentially hazardous tree. After you call for a TRA, an arborist will determine your tree’s potential to fall and what damage could result from a fall. The arborist will first look at the tree from a distance to identify obvious signs of damage. They will then circle around the tree to inspect its trunk, crown and roots. Some arborists use particular equipment to study the tree’s insides.

Get a free estimate

Many tree removal companies offer free estimates and consultations. Get estimates from multiple companies to compare prices and recommendations.

Read reviews from homeowners

Ask people you trust to recommend reputable tree removal companies. Even with a referral from someone, it’s still important to research a company’s reputation by reading reviews on sites like BBB, Google Reviews and Yelp.

Our methodology for selecting tree removal companies

The Homefront Local team employs a proprietary scoring algorithm that evaluates companies based on key factors you value, such as average customer review ratings and trustworthiness indicators. Our method for determining trust involves a comparative analysis of the number of reviews a company receives compared to its local competitors. This leads to companies that have earned more trust from your local community being awarded a higher score.

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